Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Miss you James.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fiction Books Literature Books: Sparrow's Tears by Cenney, Bernard R.: Better World Books

Fiction Books Literature Books: Sparrow's Tears by Cenney, Bernard R.: Better World Books

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bernard Cenney said...
James Cenney was one in a million. James was passionate about everything he did in life. He was studying the German language in order to have an understanding of other peoples and cultures. He loved getting in shape and was always jogging or weight lifting to improve himself and make himself stronger for the football team. He loved the Green Bay Packers and his dream was to be a professional football player. He also played center in basketball and did shot put in track at school. James was a certified PADI SCUBA Diver at 10 years old, and had studied Sho Shu Karate in Fresno for five years. James had been on an aircraft carrier in Corpus Christie Bay, been on a submarine in San Francisco Bay, visited the White House, visited Gettysburg and was on a Ghost tour there, visited Dallas, been on Bourbon Street in New Orleans and had oysters on the half shell, visited 6 Flags Over Texas, flew, SCUBA dove, and swam with the dolphins in the Bahamas, visited Green Bay Packer Training Camp in the summer of 2003, been to Fort Bragg, Fort Sam Houston, Lemoore Naval Air Station, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Washington DC, Tombstone, and most recently lived in San Antonio Texas. James always went out of his way to help people. Many times in school he would be found sitting by someone new or unpopular just to make them feel better. He would strike up a conversation with anyone about things like classic rock and roll bands or superheros. He wanted people to feel comfortable. He saw the "Warped Tour" and "1964 The Beatles Tribute" in 2004, and his favorite superhero was Captain America. He was at the world premiere of the new "Alamo" movie starring Billy Bob Thorton. James was deeply religious and really understood what it was to be a Christian and live a Christian life. He had his own vision of the American dream, which was to have a beautiful wife who loved him and kept him happy, have great children, have a nice home, make alot of money, and collect classic cars like corvettes or mustangs. He used to say his American dream was the same as anybodys. James had a wonderful girlfriend named Martha whom he took to his first Home Coming dance on 9 OCT 2004 at Cole High School. His 16 year old sister, Anne, drove them to the dance in her 1966 mustang. The mustang was Anne's first car and only bought that afternoon after being literally found in a barn in Blanco, Texas. James himself wanted a 1968 mustang fastback, however those are hard to find and I told him he may have to settle for a coupe. Every father wants their son to be better than he was, and James was that. Someone once said, "One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name." And James had almost 15 years of crowded glorious life. I am a better person for having known and lived in the same time as James Cenney. God must have had a very important and special reason for calling him home so quickly.
January 3, 2005 2:14 PM